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Two Sides is not-for-profit and we rely on membership fees to help fund every aspect of the campaign.

Members of Two Sides come from all over the graphic communications industry, from designers and printers, to paper merchants and pulp producers.

A key principle of Two Sides Australia is to be inclusive, encouraging organisations of all sizes to contribute to the overall aim of promoting responsible environmental practices throughout the Graphic Communications Value Chain.

Please note that the annual fees stated below are exclusive of GST and that when invoiced, GST will be added on top of the subscription fee. 

Membership Categories

There are three member categories available for participation in the activities of Two Sides:


Any business that is actively involved for commercial reasons in the Graphic Communications Value Chain; commits to the prevailing Two Sides Australia Principles on environmental performance, and undertakes the payment of the annual Two Sides Australia subscription fee is eligible to become a Two Sides Australia Member.


Organisations that have specific skills and expertise, who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Charter, and who commit to playing an active part in assisting Two Sides Australia in its endeavours are eligible to become a partner Member of Two Sides Australia.

Representative Body

Any Representative Body actively involved in the Graphic Communications Value Chain that commits to the prevailing Two Sides Principles and files a fully and accurately completed application form with the Two Sides Secretariat is eligible to become a Representative Body Member of Two Sides.


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