Representative Body Member

To be eligible for Representative Body Membership of Two Sides Australia, the applicant must:

  •     be a Representative Body which is actively involved in the Graphic Communication Value Chain
  •     commit to the prevailing Two Sides Australia Principles
  •     submit a complete and accurate application form to the Two Sides Australia Secretariat*
  •     pay an annual Commercial Membership fee

On becoming an Representative Body Member you are committing to:

  •     promote Two Sides Australia membership amongst smaller industry participants
  •     promote compliance with the Principles of Two Sides Australia within your own organisation and membership, (in the case of a trade association)
  •     educate your organisation and members about the issues and risks within the industry and about how they may apply the Two Sides Australia Principles within their activities
  •     assist Two Sides Australia in consulting widely throughout the industry
  •     comply with the relevant competition laws in dealings with Two Sides Australia and other members
  •     comply with the rules laid down by Two Sides Australia as to the use of its logo and intellectual property

Representative Body Role:

Representative Body members play an important role of outreach and disseminating information about Two Sides Australia and its activities to their respective memberships. Outreach activity will include educating their organisation and members as to the environmental challenges that are faced by the Graphic Communications Value Chain and communicating the messages and processes of Two Sides. Representative Body members will have the opportunity to be elected to the Board of Two Sides Australia.

The following benefits apply to Representative Members:

  •     access to materials to use in educational activities
  •     ability to demonstrate leadership in consumer confidence issues to your organisation and membership
  •     a means to enhance your reputation in relation to sustainability issues and to support the interests and reputation of your own organisation and membership
  •     access to information on emerging issues and challenges the industry is facing
  •     a vehicle for developing practical solutions in consultation with industry, civil society and government
  •     a communications and engagement platform,supporting you in communicating with media, your own stakeholders, NGOs and other organisations