Partner Member

To be eligible for Partner Membership of Two Sides Australia, the applicant must:

  •     commit to the prevailing Two Sides Australia Principles

On becoming a Partner Member you are committing to:

  •     understand and respect the Two Sides Australia Principles
  •     promote compliance with the Two Sides Australia Principles within your own organisation
  •     assist Two Sides Australia to meet its objectives
  •     comply with relevant competition laws in dealings with Two Sides Australia and other members

Partner Member Role: 

Partner Members play a vital role in assisting Two Sides Australia to communicate with all its stakeholders. Partner members recognise the benefits that Two Sides Australia brings to the Industry and will strive to assist Two Sides Australia with their expertise.

Partner Members may be invited to participate on the Two Sides Australia Marketing Group, thereby contributing to the formulation of policy and marketing plans prior to submission to Supervisory Group. Whilst Partner Members must support the Two Sides Australia mission, they will not be required to apply implementation processes within their organisation.

Partner Members will not be expected to pay a subscription.

The following benefits apply to Partner Members:

  •     access to Two Sides Australia materials.
  •     a means to enhance your reputation in relation to sustainability issues and to support the interests and reputation of your own organisation.
  •     access to information on emerging issues and challenges the industry is facing.
  •     a vehicle for developing practical solutions in consultation with industry, civil society and government.
  •     a communications and engagement platform, supporting you in communicating with media, your own stakeholders, NGOs and any other organisation.