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Being Australia's premier professional photographic laboratory, we supply print, workflow and business solutions to the professional photographic industry throughout Oceania and the world. With a large staff of trained imaging professionals and implementation of leading edge equipment we are well positioned to supply you with the products and services that you require to satisfy your business and client's needs.

Here at Nulab we continually endeavour to give you the most flexible and personal service available, enabling you to meet the ever increasing demands of your customers. Our priority is to support the Professional Photographic Industry by providing a wide range of educational seminars, more frequent visits to our clients and assistance from our expert and friendly staff.

Your positive response has made it possible to develop and improve facilities, making this the most comprehensive, affordable, high quality service available. It is a proven service with a high level of expertise, allowing us to offer you a range of many types of proof services, scanning, mural prints, mounting, album binding and now our new Digital Offset printing services.

Nulab was the first lab in Australia to launch Digital Printing and continues to provide the most automated Digital Workflow today.

Our bank of multiple inkjet and flatbed printers put Nulab at the forefront of digital technology, not only in Australia but also amongst the leaders in the world.

Our inhouse Canon and Epson Inkjet printers combined with a full finishing department, allows us to produce prints on canvas and fine art paper.

The addition of Picpress professional press products produced on an Indigo 5500 enables us to offer the professional photographer a one stop facility.

Our commitment to our customers is to be the most progressive and innovative lab not only in Australia, but also in the world while maintaining the highest quality standards in all areas. Most of all we are dedicated to giving you our support, and caring for your needs. We stock professional photographic equipment and workflow/business solutions to keep you focussed on your business and doing what you love most.

Please visit our other information pages to discover more details on the products and services we offer. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or in person for more information.

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Michael Warshall
Executive Director 


8-12 Venture Way 
Braeside VIC 3195

Phone Number:
03 9588 2777