Member Benefits

The benefits below are available to all Two Sides Australia members:

  • a unique initiative, from tree to page, promoting the sustainability of Print Media for common benefit establishing, through Two Sides Australia, a credibility for sustainability messages to stakeholders that could not be achieved through single organisations
  • access to all Two Sides Australia Materials. A valuable resource to inform clients, staff and industry partners about our industry's sustainability
  • a valuable forum for discussion and interaction with industry peers and a communication and engagement platform, supporting member communication with media,suppliers, NGOs and any other organization.
  • the creation of your own web page to publicise your organisation's green credentials
  • the publicity of your organization's activities to our growing worldwide database by means of uploading your activities to the website for inclusion in the regular newsletter
  • access to information on emerging sustainability issues and challenges our industry is facing
  • use of the Two Sides Australia  logo and intellectual property offering a means to demonstrate:
  • your business's proactive approach to responsible business practices
  • your business's commitment to implementing the Two Sides Australia Principles in a robust and credible manner
  • a means to provide confidence to your supply chain partners in respect of your sustainability practices
  • an ability to demonstrate leadership in consumer confidence issues to your organisation and membership
  • a means to enhance your reputation in relation to sustainability issues and to support the interests and reputation of your own organisation
  • access to information on emerging issues and challenges the industry is facing
  • a vehicle for developing practical solutions in consultation with industry, civil society and government
  • a communications and engagement platform,supporting you in communicating with media, your own stakeholders, NGOs and other organizations
Member Benefits