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With many years of collective experience in offset and digital print solutions, Heaneys success has continued to the present day on the back of our original mandate of competitively priced quality printing, backed by excellent service.

Print is much more than ink on paper to us, it is about establishing long term relationships that assist our clients in their unique challenges and target markets. This personal service, means that our team at HPIP collectively understands the unique needs of each client. 

Environmental Credentials

As part of the Sustainable Green Print (SGP) initiative (on line with ISO14001) rolled out by Printing Industries Australia, HPIP have implemented an environmental management system (EMS) to reduce our carbon footprint across all business aspects.

Our main objectives are to ensure that all waste is recycled where possible and disposed of in the most efficient manner. All chemicals, water, paper and cardboard are used in accordance with best practice whilst electricity use is minimised.

We also use independent bodies to conduct audits to determine our carbon footprint and its reduction possibilities. Machinery and materials suppliers and Printing Industries have all assisted in the research behind this program to ensure that it is effective and each business aspect has been accounted for. We have developed an energy management team, part of which have been trained in understanding and auditing EMSs.

The team stays current with training, auditing, legislative changes and green initiatives. Whilst being the first printing company, to go through many of these processes have caused a need for more research and original procedures than expected, it has also enabled us to work directly with Printing Industries to ensure that the rest of the industry can maintain sustainability and adopt our practices where applicable. This project has been progressing since July 2008, although best practice and energy awareness have been considered as part of the business since its inception in 1979.

Contact Details

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Email: customerservice@hpip.com.au

Heaneys Performers in Print