The Myths and Facts brochure sets out all you need to know about the sustainability of print and paper. A perfect way to tell the truth about our industry to staff and clients!


To make the Myths and Facts brochure come alive for your business all Two Sides members can create a personalised copy of the booklet. This is done by simply including your own corporate imagery and text which describes your organisation.

For clients, this booklet will tell them not only about our industry but also show how your own organisation is approaching environmental issues and operating in a sustainable way.

See the example of how the personalisation process works by clicking here

Personalisation of Myths and Facts booklet is only available to members and there are two options available. :

  •     Two Sides can provide you with the artwork files. Once the booklet has been personalised, this will allow you to create your own version which must be approved by Two Sides before distribution.
  •     We can create the booklet for you. A small charge will be passed on to you from our designers.

Contact us at to obtain the high resolution artwork files or for any other details.