Commerical Member

To be eligible for Commercial Membership of Two Sides Australia, the applicant must:

  •     be actively involved for commercial reasons in the Graphic Communications Value Chain
  •     commit to the prevailing Two Sides Australia Principles
  •     submit a complete and accurate application form to the Two Sides Australia Secretariat*
  •     pay an annual Commercial Membership fee

Commercial Members must commit to:

  •     promote responsible business practices in the Graphic Communications value Chain
  •     operate their business in accordance with the prevailing Two Sides Australia Principles
  •     comply with Rules adopted by Two Sides Australia in its dealings with the Two Sides and other members
  •     comply with the rules laid down by Two Sides Australia  as to the use of its logo and intellectual property
  •     Comply with relevant competition laws in dealings with Two Sides Australia and other members

Commercial Member Role:

Commercial members undertake to disseminate information about Two Sides Australia and its activities throughout their various organisations. This activity will include educating their staff on environmental challenges that are faced by the print and paper industry and communicating the messages and processes of Two Sides. Commercial members will have the opportunity to be elected to the Two Sides Sector Groups which focus on defining and developing the various Two Sides Australia.

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