The Attractiveness and Sustainability of Paper and Print

Submitted by: Two Sides Australia 25/07/2016

Consumers today have access to more information than ever before, whether via a digital device, television screen, printed catalogue, newspaper, radio or more - we live in an information rich world and companies are struggling to determine which communication channel to use when engaging consumers. 

Many companies including banks, utilities and telecom providers have been increasingly driving communications online and either withdrawing paper-based bills and statements, making charges if consumers wish to receive them, or increasingly making a paper bill or statement difficult to access. Whilst a key driver for this is cost reduction, often environmental benefits are cited as the main reason for change, however does it all stack up under scrutiny? And what is the environmental impact of digital communications?

An international survey with over 7,000 recipients was commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by international research company Toluna in June 2016. The survey was also undertaken internationally in: Australia, Brazil, Europe - Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. 

This report details responses from Australian consumers, and consumer preferences for a survey sample of 532, providing insight into their perception of the environmental impacts of paper and print.