Kellie Northwood is the first woman to ever place in the top five of ProPrint’s Power 50

Submitted by: Two Sides Australia 02/12/2016

The annual ProPrint Power 50 honours those that have made their mark in the Australian print industry. This year, Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of TSA Limited Australia was recognised for her unwavering devotion to the industry. 

Kellie Northwood is the first woman to ever place in the top five of ProPrint’s Power 50. After placing sixth last year Northwood has worked her way up to an impressive third position, and is clearly deserving of the accolade. A fierce advocate of print in all its forms, Northwood is at the helm of the industry’s tireless fight against the onslaught of digital and green misinformation.
Working as the Executive Director of TSA Limited Australia and as Chief Executive Ffficer of the Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA), Northwood certainly has a lot on her plate. The difficult juggling act of running two major associations has not stopped Northwood from becoming the go-to spokesperson for every print and paper related issue, attending industry events spruiking print and fighting against big businesses in the abandonment of paper correspondence.
This has been a big year for Northwood, including the launch of the VoPP Mag (Value of Paper and Print magazine), postal advocacy group Keep Me Posted and her ongoing fight against corporate greenwashing. Northwood has been fundamental in protecting consumer rights to receive paper correspondence through the launch of Keep Me Posted, tirelessly campaigning for paper and tackling the big corporates on their print policies.
Our number three Power 50 winner is an empowering female and print advocate, passionately protecting and advocating for an industry that is clearly close to her heart.
Top 5 Include:
1. Geoff Selig, Executive Chairman, IVE Group
2. Phil Taylor, CEO, Franklin Web
3. Kellie Northwood, Executive Director, Two Sides Australia
4. Michael Warshall, Executive Director, Nulab Group
5. John Scott, Managing Director, Scott Print

Source: ProPrint