Education in the 21st Century: Technology for good or ill?

28/11/2016 To 28/11/2016

Submitted by: Two Sides Australia

Join Baroness Greenfield in an exploration of these issues followed by discussion with Panel

Q230 Level 2
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry Street

Socrates’ opposition of writing as a complete method for communicating knowledge is often invoked in debates over the value of digital technologies in the classroom. Is this a useful anecdote to the debate? What evidence should inform our planning for educating the current and next generations? What are the features of an education that will prepare our children to flourish and shape society for a positive future?

Susan Greenfield is a British scientist, writer, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords. She is admired the world over for bringing complex scientific concepts to public audiences and her exploration of the influence new technology has on society.