Beating Plastic Pollution

Submitted by: Two Sides Australia 05/06/2018

Modern-day consumers are smarter than ever before when it comes to understanding the environmental impact of their actions and are increasingly cautious of big business’ marketing campaigns that claim benefit to the environment. As consumers’ concerns about the environment grow, and consumers become more educated, some companies are responding with initiatives that address these concerns.

With the debate of paper vs plastics hot on everybody’s lips, paper is proving to be more beneficial for the environment. We’re celebrating this year’s World Environment Day theme ‘Beat plastic pollution’ by sharing examples of how big corporations and inventors are creating ways to reduce the environmental impact of unwanted plastics using paper-based solutions.

The Choose Water bottle embodies this year's World Environment Day theme as it can completely replace the single-use plastic bottle. Launching in the UK, this new invention is made from paper pulp and lined with a biodegradable waterproof liner that is completely sustainably sourced! Well done to young inventor James Longcroft!

Similarly, the company Boxed Water has focused its product marketing (Boxed Water is Better) on its paper-based containers to counter the negative news about the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Boxed Water are also taking the necessary action to plant enough trees annually to offset the CO2 produced by manufacturing their boxes.

Long time last in class, supermarket giants are now pledging to phase our unwanted plastics. Woolworths has recently confirmed its commitment to phasing our selling plastic straws. Further, reductions in plastic packaging in fruit and vegetables and the launch of a new reusable shopping bag are among the grocery’s list of sustainability initiatives in Australia. In addition, Coles wants to divert 90 per cent of all food, cardboard and plastic waste from its stores going into landfill.

We can all do our bit to reduce the environmental impact of our actions. For more information visit the World Environment Day website.