Printing Industries Association of Australia


The Printing Industries Association of Australia Printing Industries is the advocate and support organisation for businesses in the Print, Packaging and Visual Communication industry in Australia.The Association is an independent, member-based organisation, representing large, medium and small businesses.

Market Focus

Membership covers all imaging and communication sectors. These include print, prepress and design, publishing, distribution, software and hardware, paper and paper board, print consumables, packaging and flexible packaging, paper converting, binding and finishing, communication and media services.

Environmental Credentials

Printing Industries has developed and maintains the Sustainable Green Print SGP certification program for the Australian printing industry. It is designed to help printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance. Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet your business requirements, the demands of your customers and the changing trends in dealing with managing environmental responsibility. This multi-level system gives you a choice of four linked achievement levels including ISO 14001 Level 3 SGP allowing you to choose your participation and progress levels. Printing Industries has also developed the competitive manufacturing program LEAN Green which, through its systematic focus on the elimination of non-value-added activity, substantially improves the sustainability of organisations and can yield substantial environmental benefits and improved profitability.

Contact Details

Bill Healey
Chief Executive officer


25 South Parade
Auburn, NSW 2144

Phone Number:
02 8989 7320

Printing Industries Association of Australia