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PMP Limited is an ASX listed company with over 2,600 employees in locations across Australia and New Zealand.The PMP Limited Group of Companies specialise in a range of customer focused, end-to-end marketing solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including consumer insights, photography, creative services, printing, distribution and multi-channel solutions.

Environmental Credentials

PMP strives to be a sustainable business which meets our responsibilities to the environment through long-term objectives of reducing emissions, preventing pollution, minimising waste and conserving and renewing natural resources. PMP is focused on ensuring that our paper is sourced in a sustainable and responsible manner consistent with recognised international standards. We will ensure as far as reasonably practicable that the paper we purchase does not contain virgin fibre sourced from illegally harvested sources, endangered forests, old-growth forests or uncertified high conservation value forests.

Contact Details

Craig Amos
Executive General Manager - Commercial


37 Browns Road 
Clayton VIC 3168

Phone Number:
03 9538 8577

PMP Limited