The entire Intertype team is committed to:

-Reducing the total cost of your print supply chain.
-Creating artwork that actually works in the printing and mailing processes.
-Using our knowledge of forms and graphic design to improve the process performance of your operational documents.
-Designing to suit the most efficient production process whether it's digital, offset or screen printing.
-Recycling graphic design elements to minimise design timeframes.
-Managing your artwork as an asset rather than as an expense.

-Improving the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns.
-Adherence to your branding guidelines.
-Delivering consistent colour irrespective of the production technologies used.
-Tight campaign management designed to meet your budget and time frames.
-Marketing advice that can help your campaign results.
-Production advice that reduces your total campaign costs.

-Assisting you to meet your environmental sustainability objectives.
-Using low impact digital solutions wherever practical.
-Providing recycled paper options.
-Producing earth friendly products .
-Offering non-paper bassed communication channels.

Contact Details

Ian Bosler
Managing Director


Unit 45, 125 Highbury Road
Burwood VIC 3125

Phone Number:
03 9830 6619