IPMG offers a wide range of services as an integrated group of marketing solutions companies with expertise in print, digital and communications. With 20 individual businesses under our stewardship, IPMG fosters each companys ability to broaden its expertise and expand on the competitive advantage each brings to our clients.


As Australia's largest privately owned print group, IPMG acts as parent company to industry leaders such as Offset Alpine Printing, Hannanprint, Inprint, PEP Central, Inpack, Bolton Print, Intech and Sinnott Bros.

Each has a long and successsful history with vast experience and resources to drive operational efficiencies.

Market Focus

The expertise offered by IPMG's print businesses include web offset, sheet-fed and digital printing, delivering the following capabilities: Pre-media and Creative, Catalogues, Magazines, Gloss newspapers, Travel and Tourism, General Commercial, Digital printing, Short run/Promotional Mailing, Distribution, Point of Sale Materials, and Packaging.

Environmental Credentials

IPMG is entirely committed to environmental responsibility across our operations.

IPMG is an environmentally aware organisation with a strong focus on effective identification, management and control of environmental risks faced by our printing companies.

IPMG recognises the importance of maintaining and improving the environment and is committed to the improvement of the environmental performance of all member companies so as to minimise the potential for any business activities to negatively impact on air, noise, water, waste and human health. As such, all our print businesses hold ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management as well as Chain of Custody certification.

Each IPMG printing company also has an Environmental Management Policy in place, managed at the executive level, which provides the principal objectives and guidelines for the environmental action programme.

Consideration for the environment plays a very important part in the everyday operations of IPMG printing businesses and our environmental focus will continue to remain a pivotal part of our strategy as we work toward a cleaner and brighter future for us all.Our dedication to sustainability is outlined in the IPMG Environmental Statement - http//ipmg.com.au/docs/general/ipmg_environmental_statement.pdf.

Contact Details

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